December 9, 2011


I don't get this.

It's a splash page on  It seems as though it's simply reminding fans to wear purple on Friday, today.  Which is fine... but what's the point?  Do you win something?  Is there some contest on this website where if they see you wearing your Keith Millard jersey at the Applebee's they give you a 20 dollar gift card to the Chicago Dog stand on Concourse B?

This stadium thing has really devolved into comedy.  They are running the "Show Your Horns" ads, trying so desperately to drum up interest in this utterly irrelevant team, all while pushing for support for a new stadium.  My favorite line in the campaign is "We're not fair-weather... we're cold weather."  Yeah, it's absolutely freezing in that dome.

So the team is really pushing for people to get excited... but on the field they are as boring as they have been since I've been alive.  Despite the fact that they play in a dome, they are a running team.  Their defense intercepts passes about as well as Dave Bliznewski and myself could do if given the chance.  They haven't won a division game in.... oh god.  Week 3, 2010?  That can't be right.

But show your horns, fans.  Get out there and sing that "skol" song.  Pretend that those Wade Wilson days meant something.  Wear your purple all over the town, even if everyone laughs at you.  Because with enough support from Dean from Woodbury, Ziggy might just be able to build a new stadium on a munitions dump.



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