December 25, 2011

Perfect Storm

As a Vikings fan, I will do my best to sort out my thoughts. Background:

The 2011-12 (yes, this season does extend into the new year) Vikings team is a team where the "window has closed". They/We really didn't get over the Saints loss and now the team is really old.

There is a stadium issue in that one needs to be built soon. A team with promising players would help. We would bitch and moan about it now and then talk about how great foresight the ownership/leadership had when we got back to our 9-7, 10-6 regular season standard.

BEFORE THE VIKINGS GAME AGAINST THE REDSKINS ON 12/24/2011: We had/have some good young players in Harvin, Peterson, Rudolph, and I will even throw Ponder into that mix. At best, I thought he would be as good as Kramer. At best. He is, however, a QB that isn't complete trash, so we hopefully don't have to worry about that position for ages.

As of yesterday morning, 12/24/2011, the Vikings were in the hunt for the #1 overall pick in the 2012 draft. Since we had Ponder, if we got that pick, we could have easily held that out for king's ransom and gotten bids from 3 or 4 teams. If you don't believe me, see what the Rams get for the #1 overall, if they get it. Search the internet now and see what the consensus payout is for that pick. Say what you want about the Vikings Brain Trust, I don't even think they could have fucked this one up. If we didn't get #1, we probably would have gotten some Khalil guy from USC who would have helped to make sure Ponder didn't get snapped in half from the blind side. It looks like we will now draft #3 and who knows what will happen.

AFTER THE VIKINGS GAME AGAINST THE REDSKINS ON 12/24/2011: Ponder is concussed. He is now a future drooler. Not his fault since the O-Line can't block worth shit. Peterson tore his ACL. He won't be same. Before, I had the new stadium being built at 100% easy, now, 50% at best. The rebuilding will take a solid 5-10 years and they might not even be playing here to enjoy the good years. If we had a better pick than #3 this year . . . rebuilding might be quicker.

Hopefully the Minnesota Vikings major rival isn't apathy going forward. That is a tough rival to beat, but an easy one to move away from.

Oh, then I wake up to this headline from my "favorite" sportswriter:

Sid Hartman: Vikings needed to win this game

Well, Merry God Damn Christmas everyone. This is Tebow's birthday or something.

Christ. Fuck.

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Drew Boatman said...

Ok, that Sid headline... I'm laughing uncontrollably.