October 4, 2011


OK Vikings fans, let's talk hypothetical.  I'm going to give you a choice of two quarterbacks - stats only.  Which would you pick?  (These stats are through the first 4 games of the season)

Quarterback A:
74/131 (56%), 861 Yards, 5 TDs, 7 INT's

Quarterback B:
65/111 (59%), 680 Yards, 4TDs, 2 INT's

Now, by stats alone, who would you take?

Looks like Quarterback B makes fewer mistakes.  He doesn't throw for as many yards, but doesn't throw as often.  Probably the better choice, right?

Quarterback B is Donovan McNabb's stats through the first 4 games.  Coach Frazier is taking to the airwaves, consoling the Zubaz's by sticking by his QB and saying things will turn around.  As a matter of disclosure, McNabb was QB for my team most of last year.  My experiences were my advice to Viking fans this year: he won't win OR lose a game for you.  He's just there...don't let him throw deep...and he has no mobility.  Dink and dunk and run the ball, that's what you should do.

The Vikings have a Heisman runner-up on the team that seems to get 2 carries a game.  Wise move.  Whatever strengths McNabb still has (and it's not much) Frazier (sounds like Brazier...who's up for a Dilly Bar?) ignores.  Imagine - two headed monster of Peterson and Gerhart always in the backfield...carries could go either way.  Now, if they do that, you KNOW who's getting the ball.

Enough of that - let's suppose for whatever insane reason you chose Quarterback A.  You know the keeper of those stats?  That's BRETT FAVRE and his first 4 games last year.  Team went 1-3...and wasn't any better than this year.  Think back - were people calling for the Ol Gunslinger's head?!  Were there demands for Joe Webb to supplant the texter?

No, and no...which is yet another reason why the Vikings and their fans are so entertaining.  Maybe this is a waste of time...consider "Access Vikings" recent take:

"Again, it's not a slam against McNabb to suggest it's time for Ponder to start. At this point, there just doesn't seem to be any point in going forward with a quarterback who isn't going to be here next season."

Giving up already/Why did you sign him/Having trouble with this whole "draft" thing, errrrrrr?

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Drew Boatman said...

1. It's hard to throw interceptions when half the passes are directed at the turf.

2. If only there was a way to quantify how much a player matters to the success or failure of his team. McSlabOfRibs would rank as the most inconsequential player in the league. Does he throw passes? Yes. Do any of them matter? No.

3. Brazier is really doing the team a disservice. He keeps telling them that they are beating themselves, and that they have a chance to be great. WRONG CHOICE. He can't recognize what everyone else sees... this team is full of losers. The quicker he changes the message to "Time to check into the UFL", the quicker it starts to get turned around. Until then, it's bumblefuck Everson Griffen grabbing the QB's facemask and dragging him to the ground, doing a victory dance, and then looking around like someone asked him a trigonometry question.